Live in the Moment: Why You Should Be Going Live on Social Media

Content with purpose! That’s what it’s all about, right? Having some sort of meaningful message as to why you are reaching out to a particular audience. You put thought into every post, you make sure every picture has the perfect filter, and you research your hashtags to ensure maximum exposure. These are all common social media practices, but what makes you special? Afterall, every millennial and stay at home mom is doing the same thing! If you aren’t going “Live” on social media, you might be behind the ball more than you think. I co-own a small personal training company called Pure Endure Fitness, that at the moment, is completely based online. We lean on the Live technology heavily, and have experienced double digit business growth by using the strategies that I’ve listed below.

Present “Free-ish” Content

Of course, all content you produce via the Live platforms will be free. So when I say “free-ish,” I am referring to presenting the content in such a way that entices potential consumers to request additional information. Think about what you want to accomplish with your Live segment. Is it to get page likes? Drive commerce through your website? Let’s break this down together: your Live segment should present meaningful information that will teach your audience something they didn’t know in the first place. The information should tie in with services and information you would otherwise charge for. The only thing it will cost your audience is (no more than) 10 minutes of their time. And of course, in that 10 minutes you present the information you have prepared, and nothing more. The idea is to drive traffic to your Facebook page, website, Shopify, Etsy or whatever!

For The Love of God, Have a Plan

We all get the notifications that one of our friends is Live on facebook. Don’t be that guy (or girl!) that goes Live and says “Hey guys, I am just going to hang out for a few minutes while more people join before I begin.” Please, please, please don’t do that.

Using Facebook as an example, they have publically announced that their News Feed algorithms give priority to Live video segments –  which also goes for replays of Live video content. Facebook has invested heavily in this technology, and has since doubled down, predicting that no less than 80% of all content on Facebook will be video by 2020. So since Live videos will always have priority, sign onto your Live segment, and get started. Do not be discouraged when you see only 2 or 3 people are watching live, the replays are just as (if not more) valuable! Replays are views too! Do your research, write down some talking points, and just get the show on the road.

Another great best practice is to post status updates saying when you will be Live. Consistency is key!

Be Yourself

For some of us, everything changes when you know you’re being recorded or broadcasted. Even if you’re just talking to your phone and you see one person watching you (and if you’re me, it’s your mom). Going Live takes practice for some of us. And that’s okay! Just remember to be yourself. People don’t want to see a sales person spouting off random facts about something that might be useful to a potential buyer. Social media is supposed to be, well, social! Tell a funny story, show your real personality; people always buy from people! Your audience wants to see that you’re a real person who has a life and emotions, etc.

Again, this will take practice. For me personally, I hate the sound of my voice and the look of my stupid face. So watching these videos back can be pretty rough, but on the other hand I am able to see how uncomfortable I sometimes look, and that I need to relax. I implore everyone to try the same thing.

Author: Capie Pankow, co-owner Pure Endure Fitness


After Thoughts by Ashley Burns, Marketing Strategist at Gulf Consulting

Wow, great stuff Capie, thank you. To me, the most important take away here is authenticity. It’s about dropping barriers and fears and being yourself. Many of us, including myself, are terrified at the thought of not getting a “do-over” when it comes to live Facebook videos. I get it, I’ve been there; I’ve had stage fright all my life. So, what’s my advice to those who want to go live and yet are nervous? PRACTICE. Here is the strategy that gave me the courage to go live on social media:

  • Think about a topic you want to share with others
  • Write down what you want to say about that topic, word by word
  • Practice saying what you wrote out loud to yourself until it starts to flow
  • Record yourself from your phone or laptop. Eek! Scary, I know! You know what’s great about this part though? You don’t have to show anyone and you can delete it whenever you want.
  • Post one of your recordings, think of it as “perfectly imperfect”
  • Celebrate! You have your first recorded video up
  • Think about what else you want to talk about
  • Write it down and practice saying it out loud until it flows
  • Then, instead of recording yourself again, go live on your personal Facebook feed. Don’t think about it. Hit the button, watch the countdown and go. You’ve practiced, you’re prepared and you’re talking to friends. Facebook friends perhaps, but still, these are hopefully people you have met somewhere along the way in your life.
  • That’s it! You’re ready. If you can share with friends, you can share on your business pages. You’ll only get better with time.