A Day in the Life: Make Customers Happy

How do you make customer-related decisions? Where is your business now and where do you see it going? And, what energizes you and drives your motivation? Of everything you could have been/done/seen, why are you where you are in Southwest Florida?

Similarly, who are your people, both employees and customers? What are their goals? How do you meet new customers? Do your employees enjoy coming to work? Are you setting clear customer expectations? What are the pain points? Tell me about your processes. Who is the boss? What are your goals?

When I first meet you, these are some questions I may ask. Because, before I create a strategy for your business [to make customers happy], I want to know who you are, what’s realistic for you, and what your business entails.

So, here are some responses:


What are your goals?

“Increase sales/revenue”, “Make more money”, “Higher profits”, “Increase cash flow”, “Build up my business”, Bonus answer: “Early retirement”

Who is the boss?

“I’m the boss.”


To truly make customers happy in the long-run, it’s going to require a change of perspective. With answers like these, you’re running a marathon and thinking about the finish line. If you’ve ever tried that, you know it turns a marathon into an endless abyss of regret, sweat and tears. Focus on your breath, steps, pace and the 10 feet in front of you; focus on the quality of your run. Similarly, focus on the quality of the product or service you provide. Think about how you make your employees and customers feel. What will they remember?

Now, look back at the girl in the picture above. Imagine she just ran her first 26.2 miles – her feet hurt, lungs are sore, her body aches, yet she is celebrating her success. If you were a hotel owner, how would you celebrate with her? If you were her, how would you want the hotel to celebrate with you? Therein, lies your answer.

The day your primary goal becomes increasing sales, is the day you lose complete focus of who is the real boss and deserves thanks for increasing your sales: your customers. 

So, how do you make customers happy?

Remember what it’s like to be one.



Author: Ashley Burns, Marketing Strategist, MBAc & MSc Marketing, University of Tampa