A company in Alva, Florida wanted to enter into the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award competition—a contest honoring local makers and hand-made products Made in America. The competition was steep with over 3,000 applicants nationwide in their category alone, many of whom had been in operation for decades. Overall, 1,000 finalists would be named, from which only 10 would become an honoree. With only about 3 years of business under their belt, it was evident that they would be entering as an underdog. Their goal was to become a finalist in their category.



Our team researched the competition and past winners, created a marketing strategy, and got to work—becoming a finalist would require popular votes and help from the local community. The final decision rested in the hands of the judges. We created a strategic marketing campaign, established a business profile, handled slight cosmetic upgrades to product labels, product descriptions and website design, had professional photos taken, created videos, spread the word locally on social media and more.



The small operation in Alva, Florida was announced a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made award finalist. With this recognition, they were awarded rights to Martha Stewart American Made copyrighted material recognizing their achievements. It set them apart from their competition in the local area and, most of all, proved to themselves that they had what it took to compete on a national level.