A local Fort Myers, Florida company wasn’t experiencing the same growth and monthly sales that they had received in their first year of operation. They weren’t sure why they weren’t growing month after month—as their products and services were exceptional. It was apparent that there was a gap, something was missing, and they needed to figure out what it was.



Our team came in and went right to work researching, observing and conducting interviews. We determined that it was a brand-consistency issue; they were “shot gunning” their marketing strategies, lacking a targeted plan. Following the cash and accepting vendors outside of the scope of their brand’s character was deterring them from attracting the type of customers that would enjoy their style and servicescape. We provided tips, tricks, motivational support, and guidance to help them maintain the integrity of their brand and get back to their roots.



Within two months of support, the local Fort Myers, Florida company experienced their best sales: June 2017 (20% better than previous year), July 2017 (40% better than previous year), and had their best month ever in the history of their three-year operation August 2017 (60% better than previous year).


Food & Beverage | Hospitality

Date :

Summer 2017