A local Fort Myers, Florida business needed someone to maintain their WordPress website. Their website required periodic technical updates, spam and feedback monitoring, as well as digital coupon modifications. The question with small businesses is usually, “Can I DIY this or do I need to outsource it?” Companies like WPSiteCare and WP Maintainer offer security monitoring, backups, upgrades, support and a few other incentives for anywhere from $79/month – $99/month.



We opted to train an in-house staff member the basics of WordPress website maintenance. We provided two one-hour, on-site training sessions and a step-by-step guide customized to their specific website specifications in a PDF and print version.



Based on the monthly charges of WPSiteCare and WP Maintainer, it will cost the company approximately $960 to $1000 annually to outsource website maintenance. Let’s assume the employee we trained earns $15 – $18/hour and it will take approximately 30 minutes per week to perform all basic website updates and modifications. That comes to a cost of $390 to $468 annually. Cost savings are over $600 per year. Should any larger issues with the website arise, our company is standing by to answer the call project-by-project.