How Will You Shape Your Story?

KALON Consulting Marketing

When you peel away the layers of a business, from its most exterior level {advertising & marketing} down to its roots {its most authentic and vulnerable form} it’s an idea. An idea that turned into a story, an “About Us”.

You start a business with an idea, or a dream, and it develops into something dynamic—something real. Your story evolves and becomes about who you serve, and how well you serve them. You create an experience that people will remember; how they remember it, is up to you.

Life is rather simple, really. It’s about people and how you make them feel. Focus on your people {employees, clients, shareholders, biggest fans} and advertise a message that aligns their expectations with the most authentic version of you.

Our goal at KALON is to align the internal and external communications of your business, from the inside out. It’s a change in perspective, where advertising is a by-product of your internal strategies. Think of it like “practicing what you preach”  or “actions speaking louder than words”. Rather than focusing on advertising {the external}, we focus on the internal – your processes, culture, goals and objectives. Through market research, we see how well these align with your clients’ needs and wants, and offer strategies for a better tomorrow.

– Ashley Burns, Marketing Strategist, Fort Myers native, MBAc & MSc Marketing from the University of Tampa


Close the gap between customer expectations and experiences.


— Hiring & Training

— Strategic Planning

— Branding, Content Writing & Print


— Social Media Management

— Digital Advertising

— Professional Photography


— Market Research

— Operations & Processes

— Workflow & Performance

What Is Relationship Marketing?

A focus on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales.

Why Care About Relationship Marketing?

Harvard Business Review tells us acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one. Bain & Company research shows if a business can increase their retention rates by 5%, profits increase anywhere from 25% to 95%.

What Is Digital Marketing?

A term used to describe all your online and mobile marketing efforts.

Why Care About Digital Marketing?

Consumers look to the internet for things to do, companies to call and places to go. Through digital channels, you have the ability to interact and engage with your customers and reach new markets. Hear your customer feedback and make improvements that matter most.

What Is Marketing Support?

Operational planning that helps businesses understand customer expectations and perceptions of service. It breaks a service down into logical components and shows the steps and tasks in the process, how the tasks are executed, and the evidence of service as the customer experiences it.

Why Care About Marketing Support?

A key differentiator in a company’s success is the ability to effectively describe and execute their service in a way that the service specifications match the customer expectations. Services are “experiences” rather than objects—you can’t see or touch them, so people rely on your communication, process and quality of deliverables to evaluate you.




Ashley Burns is one of the most insightful, creative and original marketing directors I have come across in my career! If you don't hire her you are missing opportunities daily!


Ashley Burns is very knowledgable, professional and a real pleasure to talk to and work with!


Ashley Burns has been a great influence on my business. If you need marketing help get with her you won't regret it. She is the greatest.